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Last day of classes– it’s the final countdown!

Sunday, July 17th, 2016


Good morning, greater community of human beans! Humming Bird here, and what fun I have to share with you today on this LAST DAY OF CLASSES! Let’s start where we left off…

Yesterday afternoon was the camper-counselor basketball game! The campers took home the W after a long, strenuous game! All our counselors played admirably, and the win was by a mere margin of 2– 29 to 27. Good try counselors, but campers rule!

Last night we enjoyed a really beautiful performance of the Big Friendly Giant! Our talented campers put on the show of a lifetime, and really brought all the ridiculosity to life on the stage! A big thank you to our Backstage Ninjas, and our creative costume crew, for creating such an enthralling show! And of course, a huge thank you to the counselors who oversaw the whole process: Theo and Jeffrey, our directors; Michelle and Danielle, our Ninja leaders; and Kaytee, our costume aficionada! Check out photos of the show!

After the performance was over, we had a SURPRISE DANCE! We sang and boogied and wiggled around the rec hall to our hearts’ content! (Well, some of us played basketball to our hearts’ content!) The night ended with fun and frivolity, and we all got a full night’s sleep in preparation for….

THE LAST DAY OF CLASSES!! Campers are taking their final llama walks, swimming their last laps, and putting the finishing touches on their performances for tonight’s Sharing Night!! We’ll gather after dinner in the rec hall and watch the hard work our campers have done these last two weeks!

Then tomorrow we’ll have our final trip/lazy day! The younger half will go glow bowling, and the older half will stay behind for Aloha Lazy Day!! Stay tuned for more on that, I’ll bring you pictures of the festivities tomorrow!

Until then, I have to go find the perfect floral wing accessories for the lazy day!!

Humming Along,

Humming Bird

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