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Last Day of Classes!!!

Sunday, July 16th, 2023

Hi there!

Once again, a huge shoutout to the play for their incredible performance last night!!! The foxes – and everyone else – were truly FANTASTIC 🙂 Also congrats to the Backstage Ninjas for making all of the sets and props alongside the costumes team for arranging and designing all the costumes!!

Meanwhile…Today is the last day of classes! Campers are glazing their pottery, soldering their stained glass, screwing their last woodworking screws, finalizing their dances and more. Tonight’s evening program is Sharing Night, where classes will have the opportunity to share some of what they’ve been working on over the last two weeks. (We’re also looking forward to Fair Day when all the amazing artwork will be shown…)

One more thing – today is White Book day! At the end of each session, campers are given blank journals known as ‘white books’ that are passed around and filled with notes from other campers alongside contact info.

Have a swell day,

The Dining Hall Dragon

P.S. See more lazy day photos below!


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