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Kim & Reggie, HV Adventures, and BAZZINGA!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015


Good mooooooorning!! Humming Bird and Cat Nap here! We didn’t get enough of Kim and Reggie last night, so they gave us a special performance this morning during our Meeting as well! LCH helped them sing some fan favorites like I knows it and Follow the Drinking Gourd! Thank you, Kim and Reggie for getting our day started off right!!


TONIGHT IS BAZZINGA!!!!!!!!!!!! “Need I bother to ask what that is, Humming Bird??” No! You need not ask! I’ll tell you!! Bazzinga is an evening program of pure madness and shenanigans, where OUR COUNSELORS GET SCRAMBLED AROUND!! Cabins get a new set of counselors, starting at Evening Meeting. These counselors stay with their new cabins for the night, and engage in different activities! For example, some cabins will be playing Quidditch, some will play Cascade in the pool, there will be some Capture the Flag action, some cabins will play ManHunt, and still others will put on a Newspaper Fashion Show! It’s sure to be a super fun night, and Cat Nap and I can’t wait to report back on it!

Until then, enjoy this blurb from the counselors of our Hidden Valley Adventures program!! Our adventurers got back a few days ago from their wild journey, and as we speak they are about to embark on a second one!! Here is what their counselors, Sarah and Paul, sent to the parents of our teen program campers!!

Spednic Lake and St.Croix River

It feels like just yesterday we were loading six eager teenagers into the van to head to Northern Maine for our first real adventure. The setting: Spednic Lake and the St.Croix River. The mode of transportation: loaded down canoes. The level of excitement: off the charts.

First, we met up with our guide Steve before heading to our put in point at Spednic. We spent the first couple days learning to paddle and maneuver our crafts in anticipation of the white water that awaited us on the river. We got to the river on the second afternoon and it wasn’t long before our skills were tested with sleepers (hidden rocks that will grab your boat and not let go) and a tasting of white water. Over the next few days we braved Little Falls, zigged and zagged through mile long white water and jumped in swimming holes to stay cool.The weather held out for six of the seven days with the only weather coming in on our last afternoon out.

The kids are filled with stories of the times they nearly capsized (and whose fault that may or may not have been) the tort raptor and the endless pot of beans that needed to be consumed. Though the stories may seem silly, it shows that they are comfortable enough to be silly and work hard at the same time.

It was absolutely wonderful watching the group learn the skills necessary to function in the wilderness. Everyone learned how to chop wood and build a fire as well as cook tasty food for an entire group. Through the gaining of these new skills the group really came together as a unit to perform all the tasks and had a blast doing it. Adventures aren’t the easiest thing to transition to but the group is really doing great. Everyone is picking up skills quickly and becoming great adventurers. We are all excited to see what our next trip into the White Mountains holds for us.

Until then remember… Adventure is out there!

Well there you have it, folks!! Sounds like a pretty cool program! Stay tuned for more news on their progress and adventures!! Also tune in tomorrow for photos of Bazzinga!!

Cat Nap and I have to go ask Adventures for some survival skills before they head out!! Wish us luck!

Chirp, Hum, Meow,

Humming Bird and Cat Nap

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