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Keep up the camp spirit with some HVC-inspired activities!!

Monday, March 16th, 2020

Play with orbeez!!

Howdy, campers and camp families! Hummingbird here! I know some of you may be spending some more time inside over the next few weeks, and with all this time on your hands you may find yourself missing HVC a little extra…. well, NEVER FEAR!! We here in the Valley have cooked up a few ways to bring camp into your home. Keep reading for some at-home celebrations of your favorite camp programs (with links)!!!

Cabin night

If you’re missing a spa-night cabin night, make a DIY face mask with whatever materials you have around the house! Set a 20 minute timer and allow yourself to lay back and relax without checking your phone.

If you prefer an artsy-craftsy cabin night, gather any recyclable materials from around the house and make a camp flag or mobile! It can be as simple as a paper-and-markers flag, or you can include some wacky materials like empty paper towel tubes and macaroni! Snap a pic of your flag and be sure to send it to @hidden_valley_camp_maine on Instagram!


If you find yourself missing Llamapalooza, why not try recreating some of the stations? If you’ve got a piece of paper and a pencil and a friend lying around, strike up a game of blind llama drawing! Pick something to draw (but don’t tell the other person!) and start drawing! But here’s the catch…. YOU CAN’T LOOK AT WHAT YOU’RE DRAWING!! If the other person guesses what you’re drawing before you finish, they get a point. Take turns until someone gets 15 points! (Or keep playing for hours because it’s so fun!)

If you’re missing the more active parts of Llamapalooza, try building your own obstacle course!! With an adult’s permission, use stuff from around the house to build an obstacle course of your own. Then, challenge someone to an obstacle-off!!

Under-the-sea dance

Maybe you’re missing our legendary camp dances. Make your own Under-the-sea themed dance party!!! Look in your closet for underwater-themed clothes, and make the wackiest costume you can! Then put on some of your favorite dance music (Don’t Stop Believing, anyone??) Get your camp pals in on the costuming and have a virtual dance/ costume-admiring party over video chat!! Send pics of your costume to us at @hidden_valley_camp_maine on Instagram!!

No matter how you choose to fill your time, be sure to snap a pic and send it to @hidden_valley_camp_maine on Instagram! We’ll feature you and your activity on our account so you can inspire other campers to be creative and keep up the camp spirit!!

Shaking my tail feathers to Don’t Stop Believin’,
Hummingbird 🙂

Ps: see some more fun, camp-y ideas below!

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