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Junk Food Day Recap, Cabin Night Details, and Much to Come!

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014
Chateau Slumber Party

Chateau Slumber Party

Hey there, friends! Special Reporter Olive Oyl here with some HVC news for you!

First off, it’s time for a Junk Food Day Recap! For breakfast we started off with a vast selection of donuts, like oreo, boston creme, and chocolate glazed. We also had pop tarts and special cereals like fruit loops. For lunch we feasted on loaded hot dogs, cheetos and oreos, and of course our extra special PB & J bar complete with marshmallow fluff. For dinner we had both tomato and cheese ravioli, bread sticks, and salad. Dinner would not be complete without the sundae bar for desert, featuring hot fudge, caramel, strawberry sauce, sprinkles, and cherries.

After our gluttonous dinner we headed off for Cabin Night (oh what a night!). Despite the schvitz, which we haven’t had here at HVC since the fourth of July, cabins were all over camp doing a ton of fun activities. Wombles was in the Woodshop making a plaque for their cabin and Avalon was doing an Egg Drop, where they discovered a magical egg that didn’t break even after some tough campers. LCH was making pizza at the pizza oven while Loons had a musical tractor ride. Bermuda Triangle had a relaxing movie night and Chateau Fiasco had a slumber party complete with lots of games of mafia. Wabanaki had a gentlemen’s evening playing poker and card games and Forbidden Planet made a clay godzilla with the help of Dan our pottery man. For our lovely ladies of Hidden Valley, we had Down Under and The Burrow playing games with Camelot in the Old Dance Studio. Paquatahnee made dream catchers using branches, string, and beads. French Quarter also explored their artsy side doing some tie-dye. Fiddler’s Green had a spa night complete with cucumbers, manicures, and pedicures. Shangri-La made tiles in glass fusing and Valhalla and Halley’s Comet teamed up to play games in the barn library. Finally, Taj Mahal made a mosaic. It was an awesome night of creativity, cabin bonding, and tactfully avoiding the schvitz! Hard to believe, but it was our last cabin night until our cabin activity on packing day. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!

While camp may be coming to a close soon, we have so many exciting things to look forward to. Bermuda Triangle has been organizing cabin versus cabin soccer tournaments during rest period and interest groups. These have been super fun and also good practice for the camper versus counselor tournament coming up tomorrow! We’ll have a special snack and activities all going on by the soccer field. We also have the basketball game coming up soon, where both counselors and campers will show off their b-ball skills!

We had a very special group of campers leave early this morning to travel out to Portland for a Maine camp-wide spelling bee! They’ve been practicing for the past week or so during Interest Group and are ready to show off their fabulous spelling prowess!

Tonight’s evening program is bound to be out of this world with the Space Dance! There will be galactic games, cosmic crafts, and lots of extraterrestrial energy. We can’t wait to explore our spacey side! We’ll be making decorations during interest groups in preparation.

Well, that’s all for now, folks! Be sure to check out the awesome photos of cabin night, junk food day, and blind art class!

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