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It’s Tuesday, my dudes!

Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

Drivers Ed!

Happy Tuesday, HVC!! Hummingbird here! The llamas are a’spitting, the camp doggies are a’scrounging for scraps of food, and the last of our staff have a’rrived in the Valley!! You know what that means… STAFF TRAINING CAN OFFICIALLY BEGIN!

Over the last few days we have wrapped up training for our video, archery, waterfront, ropes, and horse staff, and we have been transitioning away from those areas, and beginning our general counseling training! But before we started talking at length about camp life, we had to get our new staff up to speed… So last night returners hosted Booth Night! It’s an opportunity for new staff to ask questions and learn a bit about some of the nuts and bolts, like evening programs, games we play here, daily schedule, interest groups, and camp lingo! So now we’re all HVC experts!

Today we’ve been busy busy bees, taking tours of camp, swimming in the pool (FUN!), and doing Drivers Ed (FUNNER!!) Over the next couple of days we’ll delve more into counseling issues, start training in class areas like art, music, sports, glass, and theater, and our counselors will even have an opportunity to climb our ropes course (FUNNEST!!)

I’m off to check out the ropes course… why climb when you can fly? 🙂


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