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Friday, July 5th, 2019

Always orbiting with Meg!

Greetings and hello, HVC!! Hummingbird here with all you need to know about the SECOND first day of classes! Yesterday our campers signed up for the classes they’ll take for the next two weeks, and today we get to start ALL OVER!! It’s just like the first first day of classes… except now our camp is just a little bigger with all the new campers who joined us yesterday!

After a delicious egg bar this morning we gathered in the front yard to enjoy some nice shade, and we went over all the wonderful things that’ll be happening today like where we’ll meet our classes each period, what we should bring to every class (hint: A WATER BOTTLE!!) and how it works to change periods every hour. Campers are well prepared to take on their new classes! And don’t worry, we’re all remembering to hydrate!!

We brought out our new round of Interest Groups and went over aaaaaaaall the many many songs we sing here at camp! What an introduction to the way we do things here! Our Interest Groups song is to the tune of Dancing Queen by ABBA, so you know we all jammed out!

We had a very special announcement from Peter and Meg about some long time staff members who received a nation-wide award from the American Camp Association for their extended commitment to our camp! Michelle the nurse, Dani the glass dude, Tom the instrument making maven, and Jeremy Joe the llama (unfortunately now deceased, so Blackberry accepted his award on his behalf) have all been devoted members of our community for more than 25 years! We all had the opportunity to thank them for their hard work, dedication, and camp spirit!!

We also heard a lovely song from Elise (pictured below). She has the most intriguing talent of singing INSIDE her mouth, and you can hear the words perfectly even though her mouth is totally closed!! I KNOW!! I’m just as in awe as you are– and so are our happy campers!! She sang a lovely rendition of This Land is Your Land, in (one day late) celebration of the 4th of July! We’re celebrating today because everything yesterday was so crazy and so lazy, we preferred to separate our PJ day and 4th of July celebrations 🙂 So today we’re dressed up in T-Shirts of places around the USA, and of course a little red white and blue!

We’re all buzzing around camp today, excited about our new classes! Can’t wait to tell you all about it tomorrow!

Humming along,

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