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It’s the laziest of lazy days!

Thursday, July 7th, 2022


Hey HVC Families,

Junk Food Day and Sharing Night were a major success! Nothing fuels a good performance like a little bit of sugar!

More photos to come on Friday, but I’m taking the day off today. I have that chiropractic appointment that I’ve been dreading for weeks now. My gopher joints just don’t go like they used to. Luckily, it didn’t end up falling on Junk Food Day, because that would’ve been a shame.

Today, campers will have PJ Day, where they will sign up for new classes, and get to wear pajamas all day to celebrate the two weeks of classes that they have completed.

Their counselors have also planned a very special Cabin Day activity–check out what everyone is doing below!

Taj Mahal: A karaoke party!

Halley’s Comet: Mountain biking and soccer fun!

Fiddler’s Green: A spa day with makeovers!

Forbidden Planet: Water Balloon fight!

Shangrila: Glass beads in the beads studio!

Camelot: A water balloon fight!

Valhalla: Watercolor postcard making!

Gimme Shelter: Capture the flag vs. Avalon!

Loons: A spontaneous parade on the Snack-tor!

Paquatahnee: Decorating cookies!

Bermuda Triangle: A water balloon fight!

French Quarter: A karaoke party!

Avalon: Capture the flag vs. Gimme Shelter

Wombles: A spa day, complete with cucumber slices!

LCH: A costume closet photo shoot!

Talk more when I get “back,”


Gopher Girl

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