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It’s the laziest day of allll time!

Friday, July 7th, 2023

Howdy everybody!

It’s PAJAMA DAY, the laziest lazy day of the summer! We’re all in our pjs and ready for a day relaxing by the pool. We’ll sign up for classes and have a special evening with performers Kim & Reggie, too.

And…here’s what we’ll be doing this afternoon with our cabin groups!

LCH: a visit to the treehouse!

Avalon and Loons will slip down the slip n slide!

Bermuda Triangle will take a creek walk and look for cool rocks!

Chateau Fiasco and Fiddler’s Green will play pickleball on the tennis courts, and Wombles will play in the sprinkler.

French Quarter will create a cabin masterpiece with pro-staff Lexi and Paquatahnee will play games in the backyard.

Muskegum will have a dance party and Camelot will play card games.

Valhalla will paint rock pets and Shangri La will spend time learning songs with Kim and Reggie.

Taj Mahal will make friendship bracelets and Halley’s Comet will hang with the horses. And finally, Community will be out working with the Merryspring Nature Center!

Lots more tomorrow, till then we’ll be lazzzyyy!

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