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It’s The Last Day of Classes, But It’s Not the Last of the Fun!

Sunday, August 11th, 2013

Good morning, ladies and germs! Special reporter Olive Oyl here with all your HVC news! It’s a beautiful and sunny last day of classes here, with campers perfecting choreography, grouting mosaics, and putting the finishing touches on woodshop pieces as we prepare for the art show and tonight’s evening program, Sharing Night! Sharing Night is a time for campers to share all that they’ve worked on these past two weeks, with acts ranging from songs to dances to poetry. It’s sure to be amazing and I surely can’t wait!

Yesterday was a busy day full of lots of action with the tennis tournament, the Montville Road Race and the Camper vs. Counselor basketball game. Sisters Alanna and Ivana will face off today in the tournament…it’s sure to be an exciting game! Those who participated in the race yesterday had an early breakfast and then headed off on their run. Hidden Valley dominated the finish line, with our very own kitchen staff member coming in first place! In the afternoon we sweated a bit more in the basketball game, with campers and counselors playing a close match. There was lots of hustle and teamwork and of course the game wouldn’t be complete without an appearance by the infamous “Team X”. The counselors ended up on top with a score of 26 to 23, but as we say here at Hidden Valley, we’re all winners!

Last night’s evening program was one we were all waiting for…the musical! And it sure did live up to the hype! We were dazzled by singing candlesticks, talking teapots, a furry beast, and a beautiful princess. The music was melodious, the choreography was charming, and the acting was amazing. We still have lots of performances to look forward to this session, with Sharing Night tonight and the Alive Show tomorrow night. Although camp is winding down, there’s still tons of fun to come, like the Broadway Lazy Day and younger half Roller Rink trip, the Brumby Horse Show, and Fair Day!

Don’t forget to  check out photos from the basketball game, the musical, and this morning’s meeting!

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