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Monday, July 22nd, 2019

Hellloooooo, HVC! Hummingbird h– GUESS WHAT IT’S THE FIRST DAY OF CLASSES!! I couldn’t even finish saying “Hummingbird here” because I am just SO excited for first session to REALLY start with our classes and activities!! We are SO ready, too!

On Orientation Day yesterday we all got our health check ups, photos (be on the lookout in the mail for pictures of your campers, folks at home!), and tours of camp. Everybody signed up for classes, which was really really tough to choose, too, because there are so many fun options! I’m still trying to decide between paddle boarding and nature art! Maybe I’ll just fly around camp all day and take pictures of all the fun for you to enjoy instead…

Last night we went up to the Pinegrove, our beautiful amphitheater at the top of Tipi Hill. Each cabin sang a lovely song for us to open up our session and get camp rolling. Of course we had some classics like Hermie the Worm (from our Wombles Worms), the Jellyfish, and Baby Shark. But we also had some newer songs, like Shangri-La’s version of Take me Home Country Roads, which they re-wrote to be about HVC!

It was such a perfect start to our session! And when we came back down from Pinegrove we went back to our cabins and all got a GREAT night’s sleep before the start of the first day of classes WHICH IS TODAY AND WE’RE ALL REALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT CAN YOU TELL?!??!?!??!?!?!

So here we are now, you’re caught up to speed! That’s what we’ve been up to 🙂 Tonight is cabin night, here’s what we’ll all be up to…

LCH is doing splatter paint and making toast!
Avalon is going on arctic adventures!
Loons is going on a treasure hunt to the pool!
Gimme Shelter is hosting a Met Gala right here at HVC!
Bermuda Triangle is going to the lake and making hot dogs!
Forbidden Planet is making a glass blowing community art project for the cabin!
Wabanaki is doing an egg drop!
Down Under is playin’ games and makin’ s’mores!
The Burrow is singin’ and makin’ s’mores!
Paquatahnee is making glass beads and cartoon characters!
French Quarter is making T-Shirts!
Wombles is going on a scavenger hunt and making dirt snacks! (The yummy kind with oreos and gummy worms and chocolate pudding of course!)
Fiddlers Green is doing body painting!
Camelot is making ocean glass jewelry
Valhalla is playing ropes games and doing tipi zip!
Shangri-La is making a cabin tapestry with loofahs!
Taj Mahal is going on a trust walk to a music festival!
Haley’s Comet is having a barbecue!
The Apprentices are making cornbread and chili!

It’s gonna be lots and lots of fun, so stay tuned for pictures tomorrow! And in the meantime enjoy some photos from Orientation Day yesterday!

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