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It’s the FAIR!! AND it’s so UNfair!!

Monday, July 29th, 2019

Happy Fair and Unfair Day!! Hummingbird here and this day has been SO (UN)FAIR!! What?! Well, the older half went to the Bangor State Fair this afternoon to enjoy all the wonderful rides, fried dough, ice cream, lemonade, and friend bonding that the fair has to offer!!

But that’s SO UNFAIR to the younger half! So the younger cabins enjoyed UNfair day here on camp, with an inflatable waterslide and boonbounce, a ring toss, ducky guessing, and a lollipop tree! Each activity was an opportunity for campers to earn tickets, which they used to vote for a counselor to SLIME!!! The lucky winner was Sam, who was a real trooper about the whole thing! Check out photos below 🙂 And stay tuned tomorrow for pictures from the fair!!

Oh, and remember yesterday? As in the best day of the session? JUNK FOOD DAY? Ringing any bells?? Yeah, we remember it, too! Last night after dinner we enjoyed ice cream sundaes (distributed in order of quietness of the cabins!) After our sundaes we moseyed on over to the Rec Hall, where our counselors put on a SPECTACULAR talent show! Our staff are just loaded with talent, and they really pulled out all the stops! The singing ranged from soulful to duck-voiced, there were seagull impressions, dramatic lip syncs, over the top rock paper scissors competitions, and a beautiful reenactment of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s performance of Shallow from the movie A Star is Born!! Check out the photos below!

I’m off to see if any of the campers brought fried dough back from the fair for me…. if they didn’t, it would be SO unfair!! 😉

Always hungry,

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