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Saturday, July 20th, 2019

Hello hello!! Hummingbird here with your special edition Arrival Day update! It’s a very special day here in the Valley because, folks, today we start SECOND SESSION!! Remember all the fun we had in first session? Well now we get to do it AGAIN!! Let’s see what’s going on!

Since we last spoke yesterday, camp has been just buzzing with excitement and anticipation and preparation for the start of our new session. Counselors have been hard at work learning about their new campers, setting up program areas, and getting cabins all prepped and ready! Check out pictures below of the cabin preparations! Some lucky cabins had early arriving campers yesterday evening, so they got to help prep the place for their pals! Some cabins went to bed last night with campers, and we all got to wake up this morning with that buzzing feeling. We couldn’t possibly have flown over to breakfast fast enough to begin our day!

Cars have been filtering in all morning with campers, old and new! We’ve got seasoned camp professionals as well as some ecstatic rookies who are so excited to learn all about camp! We’ve been hanging in the front yard and greeting campers and families as they’ve come in, welcoming them to join in the friendship-bracelet-making, name-tag-designing, book-reading, soccer-playing FUN of it all!! We played and friendship-bracelet-made until lunch, when we headed in to the dining hall to enjoy the best HVC lunchtime cuisine that Chris, Lilian, and Mike have to offer! Now in the lazy afternoon, we’re hangin’, restin’, acclamatin’, unpackin’, and joyfully awaiting the arrival of our buses, which are well on their way with the rest of our campers!

Once they arrive we’ll have our first camp meeting, followed by DINNER!!! Then we’ll enjoy Opening Night Skits, where we’ll learn about all the classes we can sign up for tomorrow, and then we’ll scamper off to bed to dream about all the fun that will await us with tomorrow’s orientation day!

Until then, I’m off to the skies to look out for the New York bus on it’s way up I-95!

Humming with excitement,

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