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It’s Been a Beautiful Thing.

Saturday, August 15th, 2020

“Well we’re seeing democracy in action this morning and it is a beautiful thing….”

Good morning all. After a long night of ballot counting and re-counting, mustering the chickens and wrangling the mini-ponies we are now ready to call the 2020 Election for.. (drum roll please) HAMILTON!!!

Winning by an extremely narrow 2 votes Hamilton synched victory over Otis last night and made his acceptance speech to a crowd of chickens at the animal barn.

For full coverage of election night 2020 and a breakdown of the polls, you can check out Atlantis Camp News correspondence desk where our dedicated team of political analysis are breaking down the numbers district by district and bringing you all the news you need to know.

With the election, all finished up and Hamilton beginning day 1 of his presidency we are wrapping up the 2020 virtual summer! Everyone here at At Home With HVC has loved being a part of your summer even though we have had to be apart. Thanks for voting for Hamilton or Otis, Watching the wheel, laughing at our morning announcements, Learning with us on Sundays, sending in your videos and pictures, and helping us say Hey You Guys. We’ve missed all of you so much this summer and we can’t wait to be reunited in June 2021 for a summer of new memories!

Make sure you keep tuning in throughout the fall on Sundays while we cover the upcoming federal election and Celie and Peter discuss the Democratic and Republican candidates.  Across our social media channels over the next 10 months, we will continue to post the occasional At Home With HVC project to keep everyone entertained as we head into the cooler months. There will also be plenty of throwback photos to get us all excited for summer 2021 and of course, the team here at Justin will be checking in with you all throughout the winter to keep you update on all the goings-on down in the valley.

Until we can be together again in person stay safe, keep laughing and watch out for those trees.

Yours Always


George of the Jungle

Not to be corny but we love The at home with HVC crew

Thanks for laughing along with the PD’s we couldn’t have done it without you!


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