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Saturday, July 27th, 2019

*Dance edition 🙂

Goooood morning, y’all! Hummingbird here with all your dancey updates!! Last night was the astroworld dance, and we had an out of this world time!! We had Space Hair Do’s, a game of Man From Mars, Space Jam Basketball, Space Ship Rides (on the tractor), Balloon Planet Designing, Alien Face Painting, and of course lots of good ol’ dancin’! Check out photos below, it was super duper spacey fun!! Okay moving on… lots to talk about!

Today is JAKE DAY! Who on earth is Jake Day? No no no, Jake day is our most wonderful time capsuley day of the session! Jake is a long-time HVC video extraordinaire, and this marvelous day is named after him! Every cabin gathers on the Rec Hall Field at their designated time early in the morning to videotape their cabin cheer and take a cabin photo! Then Jake also films everything we do at our Morning and Evening Meetings! All this fabulous footage gets compiled by the one and only Jake over the fall, and it gets sent to you folks at home in the form of a digital yearbook over the winter so you can relive all the summer fun even when the weather outside is frightful!

Campers woke up early this morning and headed over to the Rec Hall Field with the smell of something yummy in the air….. promos last night had hinted at everyone’s favorite surprise, Junk Food Day… could it be?!?! Alas, no 🙁 ‘Twas but the smell of baking biscuits wafting in the breeze. Junk Food Day awaits us in a new dawn. Onward with less sugary sustenance.

Remember how yesterday we talked about some cool classes at camp? Well HERE’S ANOTHER ONE!! YOU’RE WELCOME!! Let’s talk about Hidden Valley Adventures (Lite). Trent and Ella lead our band of outdoorsy campers on different expeditions around camp and the rest of Maine! Yesterday they went for a hike around some of the beautiful trails HVC has to offer in preparation for their first off camp climbing trip tomorrow! Check out pictures of their adventures (lite) and stay tuned for more!

That’s all from me! I’m off to scour the kitchen for signs of JUNK FOOD in our future… Enjoy the pictures from last night’s dance and HVA (Lite)!!

Searching for sugar,

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