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It may be packing day… but it’s still a SUPER fun day!!

Wednesday, August 14th, 2019

Good Afternoon friends and fellows!! It’s Mag-O-Llama and today holds a soft spot in my heart! IT’S PACKING DAY/THE LAST FULL DAY AT CAMP!!!! We are really busy getting our bags packed, cleaning up our cabins, and spending lots of time with our friends before we say goodbye for the summer!

Yesterday was FAIR DAY!! There were lots and lots of treats, a bouncy house, a jelly bean count, a marriage booth, and so much more! Did I mention there were lots of treats??? 🙂 Check out the pictures below to see THE BEST DAY EVER!!! We also got to see all of the beautiful artwork/glasswork/woodwork that was made this session!! We have some really talented artists here at HVC!!!!

Yesterday we also saw the slide show of all the memories we made at camp this session! It was a great way to reflect on the time we spent together and all of the things we accomplished as a community this summer!

Later on today we are having our very last cabin activity before we say goodbye! Here is what the cabins are getting up to today!

Loons will be hanging out and doing TP Zip!
Avalon is having a spa day!
Gimme Shelter is making S’mores!
Bermuda Triangle is making a GIANT sling shot!
Forbidden Planet is making a time capsule!
Haley’s Comet is making a polaroid photo board!
Down Under is going on a creek walk and making fairy houses!
French Quarter is doing warm and fuzzies!
Wombles are having a ballon dance party!
Paquatahnee is doing warm and fuzzies!
The Burrow is having fun with balloons and yarn!
Shangri-La is having a massage train and warm and fuzzies!
Wabanaki is baking cookies!
LCH is doing a yarn game!
Valhalla is having a beach party!
Fiddlers Green is having a dance party!
Camelot is having a cabin birthday party!
Taj Mahal is doing a build and burn bonding activity!
The apprentices are having an outdoor cookout!

Attached are some pictures below from classes that we didn’t have a chance to post! Check out some pictures from the engineering class and the skateboarding class!!

I’m off to save a spot for our very special pine grove celebration!!

Peace, love, and llama hugs!!



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