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Interest Groups, Electives and more!

Saturday, August 6th, 2016


Gooooood morning, friends and family! How are we doing today? I, Humming Bird, am doing GREAT! Want to know why? Well, I’ll tell you! It’s because today was WAFFLE DAY! Yummy yummy! Thank you, Chris and Lillian!

Let’s talk about last night, shall we? There’s a TON to say! First of all, we gathered for Evening Meeting in a different spot for meeting… but it wasn’t the candy drop, so… why did we meet by the picnic tables? BECAUSE IT WAS BABYFOOD!!! WHAAAAAT?!?! Let me explain, folks! Every session there’s a GLORIOUS night during which Peter requests the camp’s help in taste testing baby food! We make sure it’s fresh, of course! Campers and staff are blindfolded and fed the food, and we have to guess what the flavor is! Check out photos!

After we all ate our grown-up food at dinner, we gathered on the soccer field for ELECTIVES!! There were some great elective options– improv games, charades, felting, unicorn horn making, and of course the classics, like glass beads and a pool party! It was a super fun night– stay tuned for photos!


Now allow me to take this time to explain something near and dear to all of our hearts here in the Valley… Interest Groups! What’s that? I’ll explain! It’s the magical time after fourth period, when everyone gets their snack and lounges around! We have some fun activities going on, like basketball, swimming in the pool, letter writing, friendship bracelets, and more! We’ve even had some hunts for leprechauns and Big Foot! Counselors leading Groups line up at Morning Meeting to tell us what they’ll be doing that afternoon. But don’t worry, if campers forget what’s happening by the time Interest Groups time rolls around, there’s always a board listing the activities patiently waiting at the Snack Shack! It’s a fun time– and I can’t wait for Interest Groups today!

Until then, I’m off to scrounge for more waffles!

Humming along,

Humming Bird


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