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In Puddles We Splashed and We Dress Mismatched

Thursday, June 29th, 2023

Welcome back! 

Another schvitzy (rainy) day here in Freedom, Maine…but that doesn’t stop us from having fun!!! It can even create new ways to have fun like puddle painting. 

So much is happening all around camp! Campers who take horse riding lessons have been assigned their horses, the musical and play have been cast, campers are sporting the glass beads they made, and camp road is full of tire marks made from mountain biking classes. 

Last night was Llamapalooza!!! At this classic evening program, cabins participated in many outdoor activities: Blind Clay Sculpting, the Booty Box Bounce, Water Balloon Toss, Dizzy Bat, and MORE! Campers pulled out their athletic and creative skills to compete in silly competitions. 

Don’t be surprised by swimsuits over shirts or mismatched socks in today’s photos because it’s DRESS IN THE DARK DAY!!! 

The variety never stops at HVC because tonight is Electives. Check back into tomorrow to hear all about it! 

Signing Off, 

The Dining Hall Dragon


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