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Ice Cream Wednesdaes!

Thursday, August 4th, 2022

Good afternoon HVC Families,

Happy Pajama Day!

Campers’ last day of classes yesterday finished on a great note!

In addition, Junk Food Day was rather sweet as well. Campers feasted on marshmallow fluff, hot dogs, and Oreos at lunch, and ended their dinnertime with ice cream Wednesdaes!

At evening meeting, HVC was met with a couple of not-so-tasty surprises.

The conclusion of classes means “The good, the bad, and the ugly” for the Iron Chef class, where the teams that normally make different foods team up to create a good, bad, and ugly option for the judges at evening meeting.

In addition, in preparation for the Wheel of Misfortune, campers, AWACs, and counselors were met with a dose of unfortunate circumstance and a spoonful of baby food.

Volunteers were asked to blindly taste test baby food and guess the flavors in front of the crowd. As the red robins around here like to sing…”yummmmmmmm.”

After a lovely dinner and ice cream dessert, campers headed to Sharing Night at the Rec Hall, which included performances from the mountain biking, rock band, choreography, musical, play, hat-making, guitar, Spanish language and flamingo dancing, ukulele, creative writing, archery and astrology classes.

Even as a quite studious gopher, I was impressed with how much the campers had learned in such a short time!

Today, campers are enjoying Pajama Day, where they are free to wear their PJ’s all day. They also spent time hanging out at the pool, signing up for new classes, and will have a cabin activity to do this afternoon.

Campers also have new class options to look forward to, including World record breaking, “Lipsynch for your life”, “Not if I Can Help It” book club with author Carolyn Mackler, “How to be a superhero” with camp superhero, Liv Laundry, postcard making and design, and blueberry hikes with “Blueberry Bob.”

Tonight, they will end their Lazy Day with a performance by camp favorite performer and musician, Jesse Ruben. Sandwiched in between days of classes, Jesse’s performance is bound to make for a great and high energy Lazy Day evening program.

Speaking of sandwiches, it’s time for lunch! I’ve been craving Wow Butter and jelly all day.

Have a grape rest of your day!


Gopher Girl


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