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I sea food in the future

Wednesday, August 17th, 2022

What’s up HVC families,

Happy Packing Day!

It was a wildly successful Fair Day yesterday, and after all of the booths were shut down, the dance was the perfect end to the night.

The campers just never stop believin’ that they can convince the DJ to play “one more song.”

Unfortunately, the DJ in question was not me, BUT that’s quite alright because it gave me a chance to Cha Cha slide on the dance floor and then slide into bed early to get ready for a busy day.

This morning, campers got to stay in bed for a little bit of extra sleep as well, and after a slightly later breakfast headed back to their cabins to do their final cabin clean and pack up the majority of their belongings.

With a little bit of music and a lot of great friends, the time flew by.

After lunch, cabins headed back to their cabins for a final cabin activity.

Loons and Gimme Shelter did an egg drop.

Wombles watched a movie.

French Quarter sang karaoke.

Avalon played cards and ate candy.

Paquatahnee baked cookies.

Bermuda Triangle did a yarn web circle and made s’mores.

Valhalla had a costume photoshoot.

Camelot made brownies.

Halley’s Comet watched a movie.

Forbidden Planet went on a log cabin hike.

Fiddler’s Green made a time capsule.

Shangri-la watched a movie.

Taj Mahal played the German Chocolate game.

The Apprentices did a closing circle.

Tonight is the Lobster Banquet and closing Pine Grove ceremony and I’m beyond excited for such a claw-some meal.

Campers will get to enjoy a lovely dinner and a visit from Ben and Jerry for dessert before heading to share a song, reflections, or skits with the camp at the ceremony, followed by an opportunity to say goodbye to everyone on camp.

I can’t wait to hear all of the beautiful voices of campers and staff as they share a final evening program before heading home. It was such a lovely session and we are all so lucky to have endless fond memories to look back on.

Until dinner, I have to look back at some of my notes from Liv Laundry’s “How to be a Superhero” class. Though I’m very familiar with being a celebrity superhero, I’m hoping there are some details in  about how to do laundry, because in all honesty, I’m running out of clean clothes.

Wish me luck (or a clean pair of socks),


Gopher Girl

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