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I elect…. ELECTIVES!!

Saturday, August 3rd, 2019

Greetings, earthlings!! Hummingbird here with your campy updates! It’s a beautiful morning here in the Valley as we all scamper off to our second second day of classes!

Yesterday during evening meeting, we had a special surprise…. IT WAS BABY FOOD!!!!!!! Campers and counselors got to enjoy taste testing crazy baby food flavors such as prunes, turkey, and many more! Check out the silly pictures below!

Last night we enjoyed a rolickin’ night of electives. What’s that?! I’ll tell you!! Counselors and campers gathered ’round to hear tell of the amazing activities counselors would be offering! We had old favorites like Capture the Flag and a Spa Night, as well as some newer additions like Build a Bridge and Get Over It (an engineering challenge), and golf ball driving! We had tie dye, we had blindfolded brownie making, we had four square, we had swimming, we had hiking, we had coloring rocks, we had horse grooming, we had marshmallow hair dryer painting, we had fairy houses, we had a disney sing along, we had bread on a stick, we had a dance party with gymnastics, we had a board game tournament, and we had wheel spin art!! What a fabulous collection of activities our counselors offered! Electives is always a camper favorite because it’s kind of like a DIY evening program! There’s a little something for everybody 🙂 It was a super silly night and everyone had a great time! Check out pictures below!

Campers are hangin’ around today, soaking up the sun and making sure to stay hydrated in this heat! We’ve got the sprinklers a’sprinklin’ and waterbottles are overflowing with that sweet, sweet hydration liquid! Tonight after dinner campers will be gathering in three groups for…….. [drumroll please]……….

CANDY CRUSH, CANDY CHEMISTRY, AND THE TEEN PARTY!!! Stay tuned for more on those tomorrow! For now, I’m off to fly around in the sprinkler!

Humming in the sun,

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