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HVC Olympics

Friday, July 30th, 2021

Sadie here reporting on our Olympic-filled lazy day yesterday!

Here at HVC, we celebrated the spirit of the Tokyo Olympics by putting it on with our own llama twist. 

The HVC games included many cool games like naming categories, bouncing ping pong balls into buckets, balancing books on your head, and tossing frisbees onto plates. Meanwhile, in Deer Meadows Field our older half (Bermuda Triangle, Forbidden Planet, Shangri La, Fiddler’s Green, Haley’s Comet, Taj Mahal) were throwing rings onto bowling pins and participated in a soccer ball obstacle course. After running around the Olympics we cooled down with some pool activities.

And of course…no Olympics is complete without a closing day concert! The talented Kim and Reggie came to perform some camp classics like “Turn the World Around” and “High Over the Hudson”. Our amazing teen program, Alive, even came up on stage to help them sing. It was a great way to end this amazing lazy day!

Be sure to peep the photos of HVC’s Olympics and Kim and Reggie below.

Till next time,

Sadie the Llama





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