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Human Sundaes and Chocolate Factories

Monday, July 18th, 2022

Happy Nighttime HVC Families,

As promised, today’s update is a little later than usual, but that’s because this lazy day we’ve been busier than ever at camp.

Yesterday campers finished up their last classes and headed to the Rec Hall stage for Sharing Night.

Performances included singing, playing a variety of instruments (including the kazoo), mountain biking down the hill, dancing, kendama tricks, and much more.

The camp also got to watch the Brumby Horse Show, where campers that participated in the Brumby horse program got to show off their riding skills.

In addition, Wheel of Misfortune prizes continue, and last night, counselor Sam had his legs waxed before evening meeting.

Today, older half campers headed to the movies to watch the new Marvel Thor film in Belfast. Meanwhile, younger half campers stayed for Gross Day, where they made slime and endured becoming human sundaes, mustard and ketchup wars, and a brief run-in with shaving cream.

They will end their evening program with the camp musical, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” at the Rec Hall, which the cast and backstage ninjas have been working on every class day for the entire camp session.

And for those of you invested in the obvious question, I already checked. The prop chocolate bars are not edible.

Gotta gopher a bit of rest. I hit my head pretty hard trying to eat the set.


Gopher Girl




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