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Happy Wednesday!!

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

Good Morning HVC!! It’s Mag-o-llama here with your Wednesday morning update! Today is going to be AMAZING and here’s why… THE EGG BAR WAS FOR BREAKFAST!!!! 🙂

Last night we had so much fun during Llamapalooz/Megs Rodeo/Oink?? (The name changed so many times I just can’t keep track anymore!!) We laughed a lot, danced our hearts out, and played so many games!!!!! We ended the evening in the red barn with some sing-along songs and headed back to our cabins for a peaceful night of sleep!! 🙂 You can get in on the fun by checking out the pictures below!!

I’m off to my first class! Can you guess what it is??? 🙂

(It’s llama care)



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