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Happy Independence Day!

Monday, July 4th, 2016


Hello from the United States of America! Humming Bird and Miss Melody here to wish you all a very happy 4th of July! We have a MASSIVE blog post today, what with all the exciting happenings here at camp! Not only is it the Fourth of July, but it is also a trip lazy day! Let’s hear all about it, starting with last night’s evening program!

Last night was the Staff Talent Show!! Campers got to see all the wonderful talents their counselors have been hiding! There were some hilarious skits, cool dance moves, beautiful songs, and creative numbers! Elise sang the National Anthem with her mouth closed– how patriotic! Anna did some super sweet juggling, and we even had an improvised sketch by Theo, Jeffrey and Maddie! (It involved lots of water, comedy, and hilarity) We sure do have a talented staff. The night ended with a SURPRISE dance. After a long day of classes and fun, we all got to Shake it Off with some Taylor Swift, among other talented artists. It was so great to see the CAMPER’S great dance moves after seeing some of the counselors’!

After a nice long night’s sleep last night, we awoke this morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed, for our TRIP LAZY DAY! What did we do? Well, let me tell ya! The older half woke up at the normal time, for an 8:30 breakfast prepared by our wonderful kitchen staff. They shipped off (on buses, of course!) to Lake Saint George, where they spent the morning swimming, tanning and enjoying some leisurely sports, books and friendship bracelets! What a beautiful time they all had! And now that they’re back, they’ve cleaned their cabins, napped for rest period (or written home to you folks!) and they are CURRENTLY, AS I WRITE, enjoying a Hamilton-themed dance in the Rec Hall! It’s good to be in the older half, folks!

Meanwhile this morning at Main Camp… the younger half slept in and mozied on down to the dining hall for a 9:00 breakfast, which was followed by a SUPER CABIN CLEAN! After that, they made their way to the gazebo for PARADE DAY! Cabin groups went around to different stations all morning that would prepare them for their parade– there was a station to make posters and signs; a station for marching practice/a dance party; some camp-wide decorations; a costume/face painting station; an instrument-making station; and a station to practice our cabin cheers. After the preparations were… well… prepared, we marched together from the basketball court to the gazebo! We had music and dancing and marching and lots of fun! You really should’ve been there! But since you couldn’t be, we took LOTS of photos– enjoy!

It has truly been a beautiful Fourth of July! Everyone is wearing their reds, whites and blues– or their T-shirts with the names of locations around the United States! Looking ahead to the rest of the night, we’ll all gather again for Evening Meeting, where we’ll hear the results of the cabin inspections– as for me, Humming Bird, I’m hoping to win Cleanest Nest! We’ll also hear the answer to Peter’s quizzes from yesterday! Will any campers be able to tell us how many sentences are in the National Anthem, and of those sentences, how many are questions? Who knows… maybe Elise can tell us! Then tonight after Meeting we’ll enjoy a yummy yummy all-American feast crafted by Chris and Lilian. Get to grillin’ friends! We’re having PIZZA! And cake of course! Happy Holiday to us all! Then after dinner, we’re watching a movie! What’s it going to be? We’re still in discussion about what it should be… We may never-never-land on a movie to watch (hehehe!!) We’ll update you tomorrow on how it goes!

Until then, we’re off to find our stars and stripes. Humming Bird’s gotta decorate her wings, and Miss Melody is preparing America the Beautiful for her HVC debut! Stay tuned for updates on tomorrow’s regular class day, BAZZINGA, and more!

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