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Happy Holidays and So Much Snow!

Friday, December 22nd, 2017

Phillie and Luke hit the ice!

Season’s greetings! It’s me, Cara, with a holly jolly holiday update.

Over the past couple weeks, Hidden Valley has been covered in a beautiful blanket of snow! While some classic summer activities are made a little difficult with all the white stuff (the lake is just a bit too chilly for swimming,) there are so many fun things to do in the snow. When the snow piles super high, you can sled down the slanted roof of the red barn (the one with a llama painted on it!) and land in a huge pile of snow at the bottom! When the lake freezes over, it’s perfect for skating. And when snow covers the ice, you can even ski over the lake! The cool thing about all of our trails through the woods around camp is that they are perfect for cross country skiing as well. Man, how cool would it be to build a snowman during interest groups, or eat syrup on snow with your cabin?

Ever wondered what else Peter and Meg are up to during the winter? Besides planning for next summer including talking with parents and prospective staff members and taking care of the animals, Peter and Meg actually become… normal people? They work regular work hours and cook their own meals! Meg is HVC’s Certified Pool Operator, and Peter is the chair of the local planning board of Belfast and works with local kids through the Restorative Justice Project. Peter is also on the Education Committee of the Maine Summer Camps association, which sponsors educational events for camp folks throughout the year. Peter and Meg will attend one of these events that Peter’s committee designed that focuses on diversity issues at different camps- awesome!

That’s all for now, folks! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and I’ll catch you all in the new year! For now, enjoy some photos of winter activities and snow around camp.


Cara B.

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