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Gross Bowling and Glow Day…Wait, Reverse That- Gross Day and Glow Bowling: Lazy Day Fun!

Friday, August 11th, 2017

Slime bucket dump!

Hello world! Greetings!

It’s Luna Bug here writing to you from the middle of a beautifully breezy and blue skied lazy day.

Last night we had electives for our Evening Program, and the night went swimmingly! After dinner the whole camp headed over to the soccer field to sit and listen to the counselors list the activity they would be doing. The campers were then divided into three groups- The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and One Direction- and then were called up to choose their electives, one group at a time, based on how quiet they were. There were tons of options to choose from ranging from the pizza oven to a pool party to Pop Culture Check In: What’s Going on With Bradgelina?! There was also face painting, a British tea party, sardines, four square, learning how to dunk with Kev&Sam, paper flower making, craft time, PK Work Crew run by Will and Mitch, capture the flag, and of course, PK’s Forbidden Tour. It was an awesome night!

After electives everybody reconvened in the rec hall and rejoined their cabin groups. We sang a song (The Penguin Song) led by Cate, and then the PD’s told us the bed time (8:42pm and 11 seconds!) and then we all headed off to bed. The night was super fun, but the regular day of classes was pretty tiring so we all made sure to get to bed in order to be well rested for today’s lazy day.

It’s rest period right now, and man, oh man do we need it after this jam packed morning! The older half went glow bowling after breakfast. We filled the entire bowling alley up! Cabins played in groups of six, and everyone was able to play multiple rounds of games! About an hour into our time there cabins were called up one by one for a snack and drink- fries and a soda! Yum! After some more bowling everybody headed back to camp for lunch. The older half has rest period right now and then cabin clean, and then in the afternoon there’ll be a Backyard Hangout before evening meeting.

The younger half had a gloriously late wakeup today- 8:25 a.m.! After that they headed to breakfast, then back to the cabin for a big lazy day cabin clean. After that, all the younger half cabins headed to the backyard to begin Gross Day! Gross Day is an HVC staple- a classic lazy day that we have every summer! There were shaving cream hair-dos, slime covered water balloons, coke-and-mentos explosions, maple syrup slip ‘n slide, condiment twister, and a gross day obstacle course. It was run Interest Groups style, so kids could go from one station to the next at will- or just run around throwing mustard and shaving cream around! Gross Day isn’t for everyone, so all the campers had the option of joining Tranquility which had friendship bracelets and card games, and was “gross” free.

At the end of the Gross Day activities, all the “gross” campers lined up across the road from the Tranquility campers, and based on a cheer volume meter we named the Grossest campers. It was pretty tough to come up with one winner, but there were definitely some standouts like Gracie in Wombles, Alex in LCH, Saoirse in French Quarter, and Grayson in Avalon.

In the afternoon, the younger half will head to the pool for a chilled out couple of hours at Pool Activities, and then they’ll join the older half in the backyard for evening meeting. After that the whole camp will have dinner, and then everybody will head to the rec hall for tonight’s Evening Program which is the play Charlotte’s Web. It should be an awesome night, and I for one cannot wait to see the production that the campers and counselors have put so much hard work into!

Check below for photos from electives, Glow Bowling, and Gross Day! Tomorrow we’ll have photos from the rest of the day.

What a night and what a day! Talk to you all tomorrow!

Luna Bug


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