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Grab some junk food, Share it with a friend

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022

Happy Junk Food Day HVC Families!

This morning, campers were excited to see a variety of sugar at breakfast, including donuts, Pop Tarts, and Lucky Charms.

Donut be disappointed, there is more in store for lunch and dinner as well, including hot dogs and ice cream sundaes!

Speaking of Sundays, we are only a few short days away from our next Electives night.

Just kidding, I mean Bagel Sunday!

Yesterday, Grab Bag Skits was a resounding success, and each cabin put on a show that HVC won’t soon forget. From the story that Pippin the alpaca told, it was incredible how much they accomplished as a team in only ten minutes.

For those of you curious, the movie “13 Going on 30” was also incredible.

Campers today head off to their last day of their first round of classes, and will end their evening with Sharing Night, in which many of the classes will show off their work or a performance related to their class.

Unfortunately, I checked in with my good pal Peter, and no one is interested in watching me dig a hole in the backyard. Good thing I have a backup talent: long division.

Speaking of long, this heat wave is rather lengthy. Remember to stay hydrated out there!


Gopher Girl

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