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Glass, clay, egg drops & more!!

Monday, July 26th, 2021

Hi everyone! Sadie back with another report from HVC!

After a rainy Sunday, the fog was lifting by breakfast time this morning and a little blue sky started to peek out from behind the clouds. Camp was abuzz with activity after our morning meeting. Here’s a glimpse of what the cabins were up to today:

This morning, Loons made superhero capes and then visited the camp store and animals; Avalon checked out the camp store, visited the animals, and then discovered “breaking things in slow-motion” (what it looks like when you slow down footage of things breaking); Wombles made their own bunk tags on wooden plaques and visited the animals and the camp store; French Quarter had some time with the animals, went to the camp store, and made their own bunk tags on wooden plaques; Gimmie Shelter made salt clay sculptures and then did an egg drop experiment; Paquatahnee also did an egg drop experiment and then did an art project called Zen Tangle; Camelot worked on mosaics all morning; Valhalla created an art project called Zen Tangle and then made new signs for the lake trail using clay; Bermuda Triangle got to experience breaking things in slow motion and then worked on an HVC mural; Forbidden Planet went for a swim and made fire-baked apples; Shangri-La worked on new lake signs for the trail using clay and then made duct-tape backpacks; Fiddler’s Green spent the morning glass blowing; Haley’s Comet made glass jewelry all morning; Alive! did some “Art-chery” down at the archery range and started brainstorming for their end of session show; and Taj Mahal expressed themselves by creating an HVC mural and then relaxed with some yoga. Our lovely team of professional staff (pictured below) ran this incredible slate of activities for all of camp!

After lunch and a rest period, the cabins were busy again with the following activities: Loons made junk boats; Avalon made glass beads; Wombles played water balloon games; French Quarter had a pool party; Gimmie Shelter made a fort at the lake; Paquatahnee had a “Snacktor Ride;” Camelot spent some time with the animals; Valhalla designed t-shirts; Bermuda Triangle did some trail maintenance; Forbidden Planet made a new cabin sign in the pottery studio; Shangri-La had fun on the tipi zip; Fiddler’s Green made drawstring bags; Alive! created moss art on the side of the Anmial House; Haley’s Comet went on a hike; and Taj Mahal worked on their archery skills.

What a busy day for all today!

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