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Getting into the Swing of Things!

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

Good morning, folks! Secret agent Olive Oyl here with lots of news and photos for you on this fine day.

We had an exciting morning with pancake bar for breakfast, complete with fresh blueberry sauce and syrup. Yum! And we got treated with a few special songs at camp meeting. Peter I. sang us a glass beads song for interest groups and Ian got us started on one of our Tuesday traditions, “Dinner’s Better With a Letter,” by singing an awesome song accompanied by guitar. Plus it’s Aloha Tuesday, so we’re all decked out in our Hawaiian gear– grass skirts, floral shirts, flower crowns included. They’ll be a ukulele jam session during interest groups in the spirit of the day.

So, as you all know, there was lots going on late into the evening last night and when I stumbled into breakfast this morning I saw a string of wrappers outside the AWAC shack. What could it mean?? One camper suggested at meeting that the Candy Drop is going to be on Monday because the wrappers were shaped in the letter “M”. Maybe he’s right…only time will tell…Tanya will be hosting a conspiracy theory discussion at interest groups for those campers who are curious and suspicious.

But before all the craziness we had a wonderful evening with our cabins. Oh what a night. Here’s what everyone did:

LCH made comic books and s’mores

Avalon had a huge bonfire at the end of the world

Loons made cardboard robots and raced around in them

Wombles went down to the lake for a swim and made s’mores

Bermuda Triangle built a fire, had s’mores, and played campfire games and world cup soccer

Chateau Fiasco had a family dinner in the barn kitchen with tacos

Forbidden Planet built mailboxes in the woodshop

Deer Meadows went kayaking on the lake

The Burrow built cardboard mailboxes and made s’mores

Down Under had a PJ party and decorated cookies

Paquatahnee went on a scavenger hunt to find s’mores supplies

French Quarter made a cabin sign and clay beads

Gimme Shelter did light painting and a dance party in the Foothills

Wabanaki went on a scavenger hunt to find s’mores and swim in the pool

Fiddler’s Green made a mosaic for their cabin

Valhalla did tie-dye and the color personality test

Camelot made shrinkydinks, s’mores, and sang campfire songs

Shangri-La made memory jars and played the M&M game

Haley’s Comet worked on a stained glass project for their cabin

and finally…

Taj Mahal went rock climbing off camp!

And that concludes our amazing evening of cabin bonding and activities. Be sure to take a look at the photos to see what we’re talking about!

Meanwhile, it’s another day of classes and we’re excited to be getting back into it! Tonight we’ll have Llamapalooza/Meg’s Rodeo, which is a camp classic and sure to be lots of fun. Can’t wait to fill you all in tomorrow!

Hugs and kisses,

Olive Oyl

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