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Fourth day of classes: feelin’ fine and ALIVE!

Friday, July 29th, 2016


Good morning people of the worldwide community!

Last night was we were graced by the beautiful superstars, Kim and Reggie. Their performance was SPECTACULAR (as always) and super inspiring. There were smiles all around, from campers and staff alike. The Rec Hall was BEAMING with joy. Earlier in the day, Kim and Reggie had spent time in workshop with the cabins Down Under and Atlantis, where they worked on a cabin cheer and then performed it at the show that night! Atlantis also sang some silly sea shanties (by the sea shore!!)

Today is the fourth day of classes!! Campers get to work on their projects (stained glass? glass beads? wheel pottery? cooking? things with strings?! you name it, their whistling while they work on it!) So glad to get back into the swing of the class schedule! So many fun things to do!!!

In other news, tonight is the THROWBACK DANCE! More news on it tomorrow, but tonight we will go back in time and see costumes from any era! Word on the street is we may see a dinosaur appearance or two…remember that SICK time dinosaurs roamed the earth!? What a throwback!!


Hello all! Artsy Fartsy here reporting live to give you the juicy updates from Alive. Last night Alive supposedly went to Belfast to make nature art on the beach, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. I have confirmation that they then roasted veggies over the fire when they returned to camp and swam in the lake. Word on the street is that there was a STUNNING sunset as well. Scandalous!!!

I have spoken with some of the Alive counselors, Olivia and Ace, about how the Alive classes are going. “They’re going really great,” Olivia beamed, “we are doing Japanese stab-binding in our book making class.” “We are also doing creative collaboration in my spoken word and movement class,” Ace added, “that means we are doing half dance, half spoken word, free write and poetry.” There were smiles on both counselors faces as they discussed some of the other classes such as songwriting.

NEWSFLASH: Tonight the Alive group is going to the Bates Dance Festival to see Kate Weare Company (a modern dance company from New York). Every summer Alive goes to this dance festival and we have confirmation that it is an amazing show indeed.

No word yet on the Alive Show theme…wait…what is that?…I’m getting word that a theme has indeed been decided, but in Olivia’s words, “it is on the DL.” No clue has been given as to what it may be. We will keep you posted and report if we hear any news on the matter.

This has been Artsy Fartsy reporting live, now back to you Miss Melody!

Thank you Artsy Fartsy! That’s all for now folks, I will keep you posting on all the happenings here at camp!

Stay groovy, folks, and have a wonderful day!

Miss Melody


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