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Food, glorious food!!

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

Gooooooooooooooooooooooood morning, HVC! Hummingbird and Mag-O-Llama here and we wanted to take a moment to address something that we’ve been asked many times. Why on earth would a hummingbird and a llama stick around this valley, which is oh so cold in the winter, and oh so densely populated in the summer?? we love the foliage and the silly evening programs, and even the quieter winter months, but what we REALLY love here, what keeps us stickin’ around this place, is the FOOD!!! 

Every meal is deliciously and lovingly crafted by our fearless foodie leaders, Chris, Lillian, and Mike. They accommodate every dietary restriction with ease, and they make meals that satisfy everyone from ages 8 to 100! Last night they cooked a DELICIOUS pizza dinner with options ranging from pineapple to plain, from veggie to sausage, from gluten and dairy free to extra super cheese lovers!! They can truly do it all! This morning I ate my fill of egg bar with potatoes and enjoyed a juicy slice of melon on the side! Take a look at some of the delicious delicacies we enjoy here in the Valley!

Along with the amazing food, we wanted to talk about last nights INCREDIBLE evening program, which was BAZZINGA!!!!! 🙂 What’s bazzinga you ask?? It’s where the counselors swap cabins and campers for dinner and also participate in a few different types of activities!!!! The four oldest cabins played destruction and set up forts for a HUGE water balloon fight!!!! The youngest cabins had a counselor hunt and made SO MANY SMORE’S!!! The middle cabins participated in a game of predator and prey!!!! Check out the pictures below 🙂

We’re off to scrap for leftovers!
Always hungry,
Hummingbird and Mag-O-Llama 🙂

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