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Five Year Vests, Three Evening Programs, and One Awesome Night!

Sunday, July 8th, 2018

Our lovely Oompa Loompas!

Greetings all! This is Mama Iguana here to tell you all about our fun evening programs from last night! Camp split up into three different age groups and attending one of the three evening programs: Candy Crush, Field Games, and Teen Night.

But first, let me tell you about a special surprise we had at evening meeting! Every year, all of the campers and staff that have been here for five years receive a vest from HVC. This is a very special tradition that camp has, since all of these people hold some of Hidden Valley’s values close to their heart: positivity, inclusivity, and acceptance. Check out the photo of everyone lined up in their vests!

A group of friends also interrupted meeting to go looking for some cabin in the woods? There were two evil people who seemed to be planning something against those poor friends. Hmmm… I wonder what this could be about. (Wheel of Misfortune tonight?)

Alright, on to our evening programs! Let’s start with Candy Crush. The cabins in candy crush were The Burrow, Down Under, Paquatahnee, French Quarter, Wombles, and Avalon. Candy Crush started off with Grandma Nut asking for campers help to find her missing candy stolen by Willy Wonka and the Oompa Loompas. Willy Wonka made a deal with Grandma Nut that if the campers collect more candy than the Oompa Loompas, Willy would give all the candy back. Cabins went searching for candy and did challenges to get more candy. By the end, the campers won! Willy Wonka backed down and Grandma Nut got all of the candy. Yippee!!!

The middle half cabins (Gimme Shelter, Loons, Chateau Fiasco, Atlantis, Valhalla, LCH, and Shangri La) played field games! Cabins rotated in teams playing games like Bozo Buckets, an Egg and Spoon Race, a Sack Race, and so much more! It was an active, fun night for all of those cabins! At the end of the night, cabins participated in a huge rock paper scissors challenge!

For the oldest cabins (Camelot, Forbidden Planet, Treasure Island, and Taj Mahal), cabins went up to Blodgett, the house where the Apprentices stay at, down camp road, to learn all about the possible teen programs they could do once they are too old to be in a cabin. I’m pretty sure they even got ice cream sundaes!

Wabanaki and Haley’s comet had their own cabin nights. Wabanaki did a glass fusing project with one of our pro staff, Kristy, and Haley’s Comet hung out with the horses and made banana boats!

Today is the third day of classes! The sun is out and the suspense is on for the Wheel of Misfortune tonight! Soon, the Rec Hall will be all closed up as staff prepares for tonight. I am SO excited to see what staff have planned. I think it’s going to be a spooky, fun night!

Enjoy photos from last night and stay tuned for updates on the wheel!

Bye bye!

Mama Iguana

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