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First Day of Classes, Grab Bag Skits, and More!

Monday, August 9th, 2021

Good Afternoon HVC!

Yesterday was the first day of classes and campers were able to try classes that they never have before! From glassblowing, fairy-house building, to archery, campers are up to super exciting things! Check the pictures out below to see the fun they got up too.

Evening program last night was “grab bag skits!” Campers were split up into younger, middle, and older half and were given a bag of prompts that they then had to use to act out a skit! Younger half had to stick to fairytales, where the middle and older half had to be a little more creative in the skits they act out.

In addition, the Alive campers got to try their hand at pulling glass for an amazing project they are working on. Stay tuned to hear more about what they are up too!

To make the night even better, the pre-wheel tradition of BABY FOOD was last night!!! Campers, AWACS, and Counselors got a surprise spoon full of peas, carrots, spinach and more. If you wanna see the baby food fun, look at the pictures below!

I think there might be some leftover baby food in the back, I’m off to snag it.

Peace, Love, and Llama Hugs!


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