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Feeling Alive

Wednesday, August 10th, 2022

Good morning HVC families,

This change in weather has me feeling absolutely alive.

Speaking of alive, HVC’s Alive program has been super busy lately. They have taking advanced classes in a variety of different art areas, including glass flameworking, glass blowing, paper making, screen printing, spoken word, and furniture design.

In their evenings, they work on a collaborative show, titled Undead: A Sensorial Rediscovery, that they will premiere for the whole camp in just a couple of days.

Another one of our teen programs, the Apprentice program, has also been super busy. During class days, they assist with classes in the specialized areas—including photo, glass, visual arts, theatre arts, and video.

On their Lazy Days, they work on their own final projects, which will all be in an Apprentice Show at the end of the month.

Additionally, the group also heads out to open-air art festivals and shows in the surrounding community. Most recently, they headed with the Alive group to a large sculpture garden called Nervous Nellies Jams and Jellies.

Last night, our campers enjoyed an “Around the World” dance. Campers danced the night away, pet “reindeer,” had tea parties, and got their faces painted!

Our campers are busy and are back in classes today. Some of them look a little silly, partly because they like to make funny faces at me, but mostly because it’s dress in the dark day.

I don’t mean to brag but I do get dressed in the dark everyday, and I have never, in a blind haze, worn my swimsuit over my clothes. However, I am living for the new trend.

During interest groups, campers will head to watch or play in the camper vs. counselor soccer game, and I will head to meet SnackBeard the pirate at the snack stand for a hot dog, and so he can ketch-me-up on the score.

Tonight, campers will enjoy their last Cabin Night, during which they will participate in an activity with their cabin group and spend some time together vibing and thriving.

Four more days until Bagel Sunday!


Gopher Girl


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