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Fantastic First Day of Classes!

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

Egg delivery from animal care!

Good morning folks! It’s Mama Iguana here to tell you about our evening last night and the start of classes today.

Last night, the kitchen staff cooked an amazing meal. Everyone was drooling over spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread and an ice cream sandwich to top it off! Kitchen staff deserves a big shoutout, not just from last night but every night!

After dinner, we all gathered at the bottom of tipi hill for pine grove! Sadly, the weather was a little rainy schvitzy so we had to go to the rec hall instead of sitting on the top of tipi hill. Even though we spent the evening in the rec hall, we still were able to do one of the many pine grove traditions: walking up tipi hill. There was a silent stroll up to the top, led by a torch and line of counselors, all the way to the tipis and back down towards the rec hall. Once we all made it back to the rec hall, we sat in cabin groups for the start of pine grove!

Pine grove is a very special evening program for camp, as it starts and ends each session throughout the summer. Cabin groups go up and do different songs, acts, and chants. Wombles did a waffle version of the cha cha slide to get us on our feet, Fiddler’s Green sang a parody of the Phineas and Ferb theme song, Bermuda Triangle got us all chanting about burritos, LCH sang baby shark with otis lyrics, and there were some classics like hermie the worm, bazooka bubble gum, and the bean song! Everyone was singing along and snapping to songs. It was a great night in the rec hall!

Alive, one of our teen programs, had their own special first night. Kaylie and Ian, the Alive counselors, presented everyone with sketchbooks and had a sketchbook initiation! They sat by candlelight, got to know each other, and began using their sketchbooks. Make sure to check out photos below!

This morning, we had our first egg bar of the session! Sunny side up, over easy, scrambled, you name it! The kitchen staff can cook ’em all! Everyone was fueled for a great day ahead because today is… the first day of classes! During morning meeting, counselors made announcements about locations for their classes throughout the day, we had our first interest groups presented for the session, and a great imitation of the first day of classes from our spirit animal group, Forbidden Planet. The weather is cloudy but that’s not stopping us from having a great first day!

Tonight is our first cabin night of the session! Each cabin’s counseling staff has a special activity planned. Stay tuned for more on cabin night tomorrow! For now, check out photos from Alive, the trek to the Rec Hall from last night, and our first day of classes!

Peace out, girl scout!

Mama Iguana

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