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Fantastic Fair Day Fun!

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

Poop shoot in action!

Happy Tuesday, friends and fellow!

Even though things are winding down for the session, it really feels like things have just been winding up what with everything going on around here!

Yesterday’s Lazy Day ended with a wonderful afternoon of pool activities for the older half, and Packing Day Junior-Junior for the younger half.

After the final pizza night of the session, we all headed over to watch the musical! A Very Potter Musical was absolutely magical, and it wasn’t just the spells that made it that way! It was a hilarious and smart show executed fantastically by the directors Dario, Aly, and Luke. Man, and don’t even get me started on all the performers! Everyone sang and acted with gusto, and the audience gave it a standing ovation. After the big lazy day we all headed off to bed to sleep well so we could gear up for today’s Fair Day!

Boy, Fair Day did not start slow. To begin the day we had a road race down camp road, the second annual one, in fact. The participating campers and counselors got up a bit earlier than everyone else, had breakfast, and then were bused up the road so that they would then run down. The rest of camp got to sleep in until 8:15 (silent ups!), had breakfast, and then we headed to the front yard to wait for the racers. Just as HVA got up to talk to us about their trip, the first racer rounded the corner: Jonah! After that, Olive and I can’t quite remember the order of who won so we’ll get the full report on that for tomorrow.

After camp meeting everybody went to the backyard to set up the Fair Day booths, had Packing Day Junior, and then headed to the horse barn to watch the Brumby show.

Over the course of this session, the Brumby program has worked every day taking care of the horses, and working on the Brumby show. Today they showed the whole camp what they’ve been working on and it was awesome!

After the Brumby show everybody headed to the backyard to begin Fair Day, and man, it was an awesome day! There was a climbing wall, a bouncy house, the marriage booth, pillow jousting, name change, a jelly bean count, face painting, a horse and carriage walk, and fortune telling. The chocolate fountain was in full swing, there was lemonade, pretzels, hot dogs, corn dogs, and ice cream, and most importantly (at least to me) FRIED DOUGH! Thinking about those pieces of fried goodness doused in enough powder sugar to simulate a snowstorm is making my mouth water just reporting on it now.

To close the Fair Day activities we all gathered around the gazebo to listen to a few songs from the Old Man Rockband, a newly formed band featuring our very own Tom the dulcimer man, Rob P., and John N.

Now, the whole camp is gathered in the rec hall to watch the camp slide show which has photos from the whole session as well as videos from our video classes. After that we’re going to have evening meeting, then dinner, and then tonight’s evening program which is the Fair Day Dance! It’s going to be a great night to hang out with friends, sign white books, and dance our hearts out, unwinding a little bit after the big day.

After that we’ll go off to bed because sleep is going to be majorly important heading into Packing Day  tomorrow! After all the packing and moving of luggage tomorrow, each cabin is going to do a fun cabin activity, so that’ll be super cool!

That’s all for tonight, folks!

Buggin’ out over the end of camp,


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