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Wednesday, July 19th, 2023


A huge congrats to the entire cast – plus Backstage Ninjas and the Costume Team – of the MUSICAL last night, Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief!!!

Throughout the hour-and-a-half production, the audience was at the edge of their Crazy Creeks while following the tale of the misfit teen whose eventful school trip leads him to Camp Half-Blood and then headfirst on a musical odyssey with his loyal co-adventurers and the truly versatile supporting cast.

After a comparably peaceful night, about 70 zealous campers rose a tad earlier than usual this morning to participate in the annual Road Race, the campwide mini marathon up Camp Road!! The rest of camp cheered on their friends from the Front Lawn with pride and smiles 🙂

After jolly preparation for the day’s main event – the Fair – everyone gathered around the basketball court for an electrifying rematch on new turf: the Camper vs. Counselor Basketball Game!!!


With fierce play from both sides and some memorable (lucky??) shots, the game was nail-bitingly close but the campers ultimately prevailed…28 – 27!!


Afterwards, the cabin-run Fair Day booths got up and running as campers manned them with their shift co-workers and the others roamed indulging in the good vibes, bright sun and comforting food. They also got to marvel at the Art Show in the Hilton studio displaying the amazing artwork completed by campers throughout the session!

With activities like Fortune Telling, the Marriage Booth and Blind Contour Drawing supplemented by a Slip n’ Slide and Bouncy Castle and enriched with pretzels, sausages and ice-cream, the fun could stretch on all afternoon… 

Nonetheless, we’re looking forward to soon gathering for the premier of the signature session Slideshow where all (or at least a heap of!) the priceless moments from camp will be showcased, enshrined via technology.

After dinner tonight, the thrilling day will vamp up to an energetic end with the Fair Day Dance…because it’s always time to dance (*somewhere*), right!?

Check back tomorrow for more footage!!!


H. V. Scribe

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