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Electives, Game Shows, Movies, and More on our First Lazy Day!

Thursday, July 26th, 2018

Avalon on PK’s Secret Tour!

Hey howdy hey! Cara B. here with all the latest on our first lazy day of the session!

Last night was Electives, and boy, did we have some fun! Electives is sort of a choose-your-own-adventure evening program- counselors and pro staff all run super awesome activities for campers to choose from. After a delicious Chinese take-out style dinner, we headed over to the soccer field to hear our options. The campers were then split into three groups, the quietest of which was dismissed first to run walk briskly to the Elective of their choice.

There were some of the classics, of course, like glass beads, baking cookies, tie-dye, Peter’s forbidden tour of HVC, and a huge game of capture the flag. There was also a Disney sing-a-long, pizza making, a life-size game of Hungry Hungry Hippos using skateboards and plastic balls, and an Elective that involved testing out Flex Tape by sawing a kayak in half, putting it back together, and trying it out in the lake! We gathered back in the Rec Hall to hear the results from capture the flag (everyone both knew the rules and didn’t know the rules, followed the rules, cheated, didn’t care about the rules, and remembered to forget them, of course), but were interrupted by the spontaneous parade Elective! We heard back from the Flex Tape group that the tape really works! To end the evening, Meg led us in singing The Farthest Field- a beautiful and peaceful song that got us all feeling ready to snuggle in bed.

This morning, everyone had a loooonnnggg sleep in- score! We headed over to the dining hall and enjoyed breakfast sandwiches on croissants before going our separate ways for the day. The youngest third of camp headed out on a trip to the movies to see Hotel Transylvania 3, while the older two thirds of camp stayed onsite for Game Show Day! After a big cabin clean, the older campers headed into the Rec Hall for the games to begin. The camp had accidentally-on-purpose quadruple booked Alex Trebek, Vanna White, Steve Harvey, and Bob Barker to host the games. There was a masking tape challenge, an “are you smarter than a counselor” segment, a round of Family Feud played by siblings on camp, two Minute to Win it challenges involving Oreos and M&Ms, HVC trivia, a rock, paper, scissors challenge, and a huge “riff off” singing challenge where cabin groups went head to head. The Roots Branches band from Late Night played throughout the show and did “name that tune,” and we ended the games with a huge balloon challenge and a dance party! It was the perfect way to stay out of the schvitz and still have a blast.

After lunch and a long rest period, the youngest third of camp are now enjoying special activities with their cabin groups (stay tuned for those photos tomorrow!) while the older two thirds are watching a movie on camp. Gimme Shelter and French 1/4 are doing a special workshop with tonight’s performers- the Half Moon Jug Band! After we join back together as a camp for evening meeting and eat a yummy dinner of tacos and burritos, we’ll head back to the Rec Hall to see them perform- I can hardly wait!

That’s all for now, everyone! Enjoy photos from Electives and Game Show Day!

‘Til next time!

Cara B. Ner

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