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Electives Excitement!

Sunday, June 10th, 2018

Light painting creations!

Hello hello hello! It’s me, Cara B, with an exciting electives update.

Last night, after a long day of training in program areas and working on PK crew, staff gathered on the soccer field for another classic HVC evening program- electives! Electives is sort of a choose-your-own-adventure evening program. Returning staff stood in a line on the soccer field and announced the awesome activities that they would be running.There was fire building 101 (which included s’mores), a jam session in the rock band studio, a hike to the log cabin, a ukulele sing along, basketball, cookie baking, light painting, and of course, Peter’s forbidden tour. After being split into 3 groups, new staff members were released to  run  walk calmly to the elective of their choice.

Everyone had a blast! Some activities were just too enticing to resist. A button-making station was left abandoned as its participants raced after PK’s tour up the stairs to the AWAC shack and onto the roof of the dining hall. On the roof, Peter instructed everyone to remove their shoes to be thrown off the roof. Legend has it that if a pair of shoes lands right-side-up on the ground, the candy drop will be tomorrow! Sure enough, a pair of black converse landed right-side-up! Staff training candy drop anyone?? Only time will tell…The group jamming in the studio was truly rocking out! They had some incredible chemistry- perfect for the staff talent show coming up next week! The cookie making and fire building group made some delicious sweet treats, and some amazing works of art were created through light painting.

The night was concluded with a debrief in the rec hall and some classic HVC songs. Returning counselors led us in singing “The Princess Pat” and “Ayo-Bo-Diddly-Bop,” and Meg ended the night on calm note with “The Farthest Field.” Once we were nice and relaxed, while the PDs did not announce bed time for staff, everyone was positively pooped from a long week at camp. Today, staff will continue working in program areas and will enjoy some time to rest after dinner, and tomorrow, the rest of our staff will arrive! Below are some photos from electives- stay tuned for more staff training news!

‘Til next time!

Cara B. Ner

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