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Electives, Amazing Skates and Other Lazy Day News

Friday, August 15th, 2014


Hello folks! Lady of the Lake here with the latest HVC news.

Yesterday, we had some brave souls head up to the ropes course for some extreme ropes. These campers ventured up for their second time this summer, and embraced new challenges. Some climbed the high ropes course blindfolded, others with their legs bound, and others with a hand tied around their back. A few campers even climbed with a combination of the obstacles! Check out the amazing pictures of their incredible feats.

Last night, we had our final set of electives for the summer. There was an extensive array of options for campers to choose from. To begin with, there was the ever classic game of capture the flag. The two teams – Blue and Red, played long and hard to win, and all were very enthused about the game. Along the same lines, campers could play around with some ultimate frisbee.

A few folks headed up to the hot tub to have a relaxing night soaking and enjoying each other’s company. Campers seeking something slightly more active played a rousing game of sardines in the red barn. Adventure seekers could take an exciting zip down the Tipi Zip-line or go on an exciting creek walk.

For those evening food cravings, some campers made delicious cupcakes in the kitchen while others crafted extreme s’mores. These were no ordinary s’mores. Instead, these were based on chocolate graham crackers and had white chocolate insides. There was even caramel to melt on top. Wow!

There were also loads of options for anyone feeling art-inclined. Folks headed over to the glass bead studio to design and make their very own beads. Others headed to one of our dance studios to work on some amazing light painting. We even had candle making as an option! For those campers who wanted to really throw themselves fully into art, there was a splatter paint party. Those kids came back excited and covered in paint. Particularly notable last night, we had an elective for pot throwing. Those who participated threw pots in the traditional sense, and then quite literally threw them outside. They had a blast constructing and then destructing their pots!

On the musical side, campers created awesome loops and sounds in the elective sound escape. Others enjoyed a high-energy dance party. Finally, our very own AWACs hosted their AWAC shack, where they played fun games and hung out with a great group of campers.

After the night’s activities, we all gathered in the Rec Hall to sing a few tunes and then head off to bed.

Today has been an eventful day here at HVC! The older half headed off to the roller skating rink for an amazing, fun filled trip. Once the older half piled off the buses, they got to choose between classic roller skates and more modern in line skates (otherwise known as roller blades.) Then, folks took to the actual rink and began skating around. Experienced skaters helped out their more novice companions, and soon everyone was having a blast. Campers and counselors skated around and around, dancing and singing along to the various pop tunes that came on. After everyone had their share of skating and a yummy snack, they headed back on the buses and came back to camp.

While the older half were out on their roller skating adventure, the younger half had an adventure of their own. The campers gathered in the backyard by the gazebo and were told that they were about to participate in the “HVC Amazing Race.” Each younger half cabin was given a secret envelop containing clues which lead them all over camp. Throughout their journeys they participated in various team challenges such as creating a cabin sign out of art materials while blindfolded, slinging tennis balls out of the giant Angry Birds slingshot in Deer Meadows, and doing a cabin leap frog from Meg’s Planet to the Hilton. Some cabins also zipped down TIpi Zip and had noodle races in the pool. Other challenges included finding all of the water fountains on camp (the highest number was 7!), creating a beautiful cabin totem pole out of boxes and tissue paper, and completing a puzzle in the tree house. At the end of all of these challenges, each cabin found a special object with their cabin name painted on it and presented it in front of the rest of the younger half. After exploring all the corners of camp, the cabins felt accomplished and were ready to chow down on some lazy day lunch!

This afternoon, the younger and older halves are joining together for pool activities. Tonight, we’ll have a W themed dance, which is sure to be loads of fun.

More news to come,

Lady of the Lake

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