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Electing to Eat Baby Food? All About Electives and More!

Saturday, August 5th, 2017

Lila getting the big spoon at Baby Food!

Hello hello hello! It’s Cara B., and things sure are heating up around here. It’s the middle of the session, which means some super awesome programs and lots of silliness are ahead.

Last night at evening meeting, we sat facing the picnic tables in front of the Red Barn instead of by the gazebo. The excitement built as we noticed a big white board, indicating that tonight would be no ordinary evening meeting- it was Baby Food! Two nights before the Wheel of Misfortune (a strange and kooky game show-style evening program,) Peter asks campers, AWACs, and counselors to volunteer to try baby food in front of the whole camp. After each victim  taste-tester had been blindfolded, the PDs held up a whiteboard displaying the flavor of baby food to the rest of camp, who shrieked in horror at flavors like garden vegetables and turkey with gravy. Before the tasting began, the camp went quiet as Peter twisted the lid of the baby food jar, waiting for the little clicking sound to tell us that this mush was nice and fresh. We all sighed in relief at the crisp sound of the opening cap. The tasters were fed airplane style, and wrote down their guesses on pieces of paper to be read aloud. Just as the tasting was coming to a close, we had some unexpected visitors. They seemed to be owners of some sort of fair. We headed off to a spaghetti dinner with puzzled faces and growing curiosity about the Wheel.

After dinner, we gathered at the soccer field for Electives! Each counselor stood up in front of camp to tell campers what activity they were running. There were lots of classics like capture the flag, baking cookies, Peter’s forbidden tour, and friendship bracelets, as well as some new activities, such as “Techno and Tacos,” a sing-a-long extravaganza, Nalgene destruction, and making popcorn over a campfire. Once we had heard all of our options, campers were split into three groups. The quietest group would have first pick to run walk briskly across the field to their choice of elective. After all of the Electives fun, we met in the Rec Hall to share about our evenings. We then headed off to bed, in need of some rest after a long first day of classes.

After a yummy breakfast which included coffee cake, a special treat, we headed off to morning meeting. It seemed to be an ordinary morning meeting. Groups were called, announcements were made, and the birthday organ was played. However, just as interest groups were about to be called, a tractor full of circus performers drove past the gazebo, surely another preview for the upcoming Wheel of Misfortune. Luna and I think we saw a mime, a strong man, a bearded lady, and maybe an acrobat? We’re still scratching our heads, but all will be revealed tomorrow evening.

Tonight, the youngest cabins will be doing Candy Crush, the middle cabins will be having Cabin Night, and the oldest will be heading to Blodgett House for an ice cream party to talk about the teen programs on camp. I can’t wait to hear about it all! For now, enjoy some photos from Baby Food, Electives, and this morning’s visitors!

Climbing Away,

Cara B. Ner


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