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Electing to Capture all the Fun

Friday, July 1st, 2022

Hey HVC families!

Happy July!

On the last day of June, classes continued after our “lazy” day on Wednesday and campers headed back into their scheduled periods. From the glass beads studio to the soccer field they wandered to enjoy a variety of activities.

Electives were at hit at evening program. Campers got to choose from a variety of interests, including Capture the Flag, Ziplining, Building Flower Crowns, Meditating, Writing Backwards, Glass Beads, Hanging with the Animals, and Pretending to be Trees.

In addition, some lucky campers got to embark on Peter’s Secret Tour as their elective!

As an update, I did not win my game of tennis against Pippin the alpaca, but I did join the winning team at Capture the Flag. I like to think that with all of my underground sneaking, I played an important role in the victory.

Today, campers head back into their classes during the day and finish the evening with Llamapalooza. I got a sneak peak of the games they will be playing at Deer Meadows field and have no doubt they will have a Llovely time.

As for me, I’ll be running the “hole” way back home to grab my sunscreen. It’s going to be rather toasty today.


Gopher Girl

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