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Earth Day is coming up! How are YOU going to celebrate?!

Tuesday, April 14th, 2020

A cute little owl sculpture!

Howdy doody, folks and friends! Hummingbird here! The weather is warming up, the sun is bursting through those old wintry clouds, and my birdie brethren and sistren are chirping their little hearts out– have you heard ’em?? This can mean but one thing….. EARTH DAY IS COMING!!!

That’s right, folks! Earth Day is coming up on April 22 and there is so much to celebrate! I’ve been feeling extra grateful for the time I get to spend outside here in the Valley. Despite all this indoor time these last few weeks, I’ve still been able to get out a few times a day for a flap around camp or a peaceful sit on a branch. And those moments out in the sun have been making me feel so much better about spending so much time inside! So this year for Earth Day I want to do something extra special to thank our planet for all its beauty! Will you join me? Here are some ideas I had…

Artsy craftsy things!
Go outside and collect any leaves, sticks, pinecones, acorns, and other naturey things you can find. Make sure to wear gloves outside and to wash your materials once you get home. When everything is washed and beautiful, build a sculpture called Ode to Nature (or whatever else you wanna call it!) and place it by a window, or on a porch, or anywhere it can be shared and admired! Your sculpture can look like a real thing (a squirrel or a tree!), or it can be an abstract expressionist piece! You could even spell out your name with natural materials! Or you can make the numbers 1-10! No matter what, your sculpture will be perfect, because it will have been made by you! Invite folks at home to join in!

If sculpture isn’t your medium of choice, try leaf rubbing! Grab a bunch of different leaves from outside, or sticks, or pieces of bark, or any other nature item you can find! Put a piece of paper over it and grab the nearest pencil. Gently rub the pencil along the paper and notice how it captures the beautiful patterns in your leaf (or other nature item)! You can try this with as many different color pencils, variety of leaves/nature items, and people as you like! Notice if you can find the BEST type of leaf (or other nature item) to rub. Can you find the most beautiful natural pattern? If leaf rubbing doesn’t work out, try your hand at drawing a still life of any nature items you can find! Set up a nature scene with sticks and flowers and leaves, and see how much detail you can get in your drawing or painting!

On Earth Day sometimes it’s cool to acknowledge the waste we create in the world and practice the three Rs, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! With an adult’s permission, you can honor those three Rs by making something beautiful out of your trash! Rinse out old yogurt containers, cans, grocery store bags, and other discarded materials. Can you draw a portrait on a paper grocery bag? How about decorating old cans and turning them into storage for your pencils, bits and bobs, or house keys?

Runny jumpy things!
Maybe you like to admire nature by running around in it! Well lucky for you, there’s plenty to be done outside! With adult permission and appropriate safety gear, go for a long walk or runny play outside. Count how many trees you see, or how many animals pass by! Can you find every letter of the alphabet on your adventure?

If you have an animal at home, try making your pal an animal obstacle course! With an adult’s permission, use materials from around the house like couch cushions, tables, chairs, and articles of clothing for your animal to walk over, around, or under! Can you train your four-legged friend to do the course all by itself?? (Psst!! You can also make a super fun human obstacle course that’s fun for all ages!!)

There is so much beauty to see outside, and so much world to be appreciated! Check out pictures of some more nature-inspired activities below! And no matter how you celebrate Earth Day on April 22, we want to see how much fun you’re having! If you post pictures of your Earth Day adventures on Instagram, tag us @hidden_valley_camp_maine so we can feature you on our account and inspire our community of tree huggers!

Stay grateful, stay home if you can, and stay connected to our beautiful planet!

Chirping with the chickadees,

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