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Dressing in the dark, Dancing at the beach

Wednesday, July 13th, 2022

Good Morning HVC,

It was quite the perfect beach day yesterday.

Campers started their day with classes, and ended them at the Rec Hall field for the beach dance, ready to give the DJ a sand-ing ovation.

Today is dress in the dark day, and campers and counselors are roaming around wearing outfits that I wouldn’t dream of throwing together. Luckily, I’ve been dressing in the dark forever and look snazzy as usual.

Additionally, campers are still working on their wheel prizes. Just this morning, Becca, a counselor and shift lead, was pied in the face by the Bermuda Triangle cabin and Tanner, another counselor, had his hair cut into a mohawk at morning meeting by the French Quarter cabin.

Today is the soccer game with both the soccer team class and the counselors at Interest Groups. The rest of the camp, including myself and Pippin are ready to s-port our fellow HVC athletes and cheer on both teams.

This evening, campers will have their last Cabin Night. I’m excited to see what they all decide to do, and maybe jump in on their activities.

Until then, I’m going to roam camp and search for the best outfits. I’m pretty sure I saw one person wearing their hat upside down!


Gopher Girl


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