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Dressing dark in the day, fun at cabin night

Thursday, August 11th, 2022

Good morning HVC families,

Classes were an absolute blast yesterday, as was the camper vs. counselor soccer game. Check out the pictures below! The camper team played their hearts out against a crew of counselors and AWACs and ended up pulling out a 1-0 win.

Also… yesterday was dress in the dark day! Campers showed up to breakfast this morning in their wackiest, most dressed-in-the-darkiest outfits and it was a hoot to see what they wore!

Yesterday was one of our first “schvitz-y” (ra*ny) days at camp after our long, long heat wave! Not to fear; everyone has a schvitz coat and schvitz boots, and we’re all smiles here at camp!

Finally, last night the our cabins had cabin night! Here’s what everyone got up to…

Loons made ice cream!

Gimme Shelter did woodworking!

Wombles had a game night with s’mores!

French Quarter did tie-dye!

Avalon made glass beads and played basketball!

Paquatahnee had a movie night!

Bermuda Triangle had a spa night!

Valhalla baked cookies!

Camelot did karaoke and had s’mores!

Halley’s Comet decorated t-shirts!

Forbidden Planet watched a movie!

Fiddler’s Green made muffins!

Shangri-La worked with stained glass!

Taj Mahal made ice cream!

The Apprentices went to the lake!

It was an amazing night! Check out the photos!


Gopher Girl

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