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Dress in the Wonderland of Soccer… Wait, What?

Sunday, July 20th, 2014

Alice in Wonderland

Heyo guys! Lady of the Lake here on the last day of classes!

Yesterday during interest groups, we had the soccer game, where both campers and counselors played on mixed teams! To celebrate this monumentous event, there was an extra special snack of hotdogs. Then, the game began! It was an extremely close match – the World Cup has nothing on the Hidden Valley soccer players! In the very final moments, the colored team pulled ahead with a goal, snatching the win. It was so amazing to see all of camp out cheering for their cabin-mates on the field. There wasn’t a quiet moment the entire game! The whole experience was just so, so much fun for all.

Last night, after a superbly fantastic meal of hamburgers, fries, and arguably the best veggie burgers in the world, we had the first of our closing performances – the play. The play, Alice in Wonderland, was unbelievable. The campers starred in their various roles – as the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, Alice and Alyse, The Cheshire Cat, and all the other fabulous roles. The campers performed flawlessly, and it was incredible to see the culmination of all the hard work they’ve been doing since the beginning of camp. Not only was the acting phenomenal, but the sets and costumes were also fantastic. Backstage ninjas, which was a class campers could take, made the incredible props and backdrop. Their hard work sure paid off. The set was absolutely gorgeous. There were hundreds of flowers in the garden and flamingos for the Queen to play croquet with. Everyone in the audience was utterly spellbound.

After the play, the middle and older half cabins were treated to a secret dance! Our D.J. blasted one amazing tune after the next. Everyone was up and dancing, truly enjoying one of our last nights together. It was the best dance of the summer because everyone was so excited for it. There’s nothing like thinking you’re getting dismissed for bed and then having music blare over the sound system. Of course a new bedtime was announced after it was all over, and the cabins walked back to their cabins with contented sighs. It was the perfect end to a perfect night.

Today is dress in the dark day! Campers and counselors alike are sporting all sorts of zany, ridiculous outfits. We’ve seen shoes on backwards, miss-matched socks, bright neon clothing paired with other even more colorful and patterned clothing. It’s great that we’re dressed in such an odd, funky manner to commemorate the last day of classes!

That’s the news for now – check out the awesome photos, and of course be sure to check back tomorrow for news on sharing night (which is tonight) and the last trip / lazy day (tomorrow)!


Lady of the Lake

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