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Double J Day! Jake, Junk Food, and So Much More!

Saturday, August 2nd, 2014


Greetings, Earthlings! Olive Oyl here with loads of news for you on this very special day!

First off, we had a spectacular afternoon right around meeting time yesterday because it was the one and only Candy Drop! We were sitting all comfy in our crazy creeks as a sugary tension filled the air. We heard the sound of maybe a bird or a plane? No! It was the Candy Drop! We saw that fateful plane and there was a mad dash to the soccer field. We had not two, but three counselors flying in the sky– the amazing Charlie B-W, Jenny B, and Rob. This stellar crew had precise aim, pouring loads of candy smack dab in the middle of the soccer field. Cabins walked away with heavy trash bags full of sugary sweets. Even Luke B., who’s been here for ages, caught a piece of candy straight out of the sky for the very first time! It was truly a fabulous event and everyone walked away happy.

The fun and the sweets don’t end there, though! Today was not only Jake Day, but also Junk Food Day! Jake Day happens once a session and cabins wake up a little bit early to record their cabin cheers and take their cabin photo. We also have our video crew recording morning and evening meeting, so that all the footage can be used on the awesome camp video that comes out in the wintertime. We even had a lovely notetaker, April, on the typewriter this morning at meeting. If all the video excitement wasn’t enough, we walked into breakfast this morning to a sea of donuts, pop tarts, and sugary cereals! Yes, that’s right, it’s not a dream! It’s truly Junk Food Day! Campers will have plenty more opportunities to enjoy delicious junky goodness throughout the rest of the day, with hot dogs, oreos, cheetos, and a peanut butter, jelly, and fluff station at lunch. Dinner will be ravioli and a supreme ice cream sundae bar, complete with whipped cream, cherries, sprinkles, caramel, and chocolate sauce. Wow! It’s going to be a quite a day.

We had an excellent evening program last night with the Staff Talent Show! We got to see a whole different side of our counselors, who showed off their hilarious and amazing talents. We had Zach and Grey sing a heartfelt song on piano, as did our musical PDs, James and Mel. Elise performed the Star Spangled Banner, but in her very special style of singing, in which she sings entirely without opening her mouth. It’s incredible and oh so funny! Steph played a beautiful tune on her flute and Olivia serenaded us on guitar. Chef Nick did breakfast, where he woke up in his sleeping bag, preceded to light a hot plate and cook bacon and eggs on the frying pan. Captain Sandy led us in the Spongebob theme song and Timmy did his one man band, on guitar, tambourine, and harmonica. John impressed us with his speed bow-tie tying skills and Luke showed us how truly American he really is with his guitar and a little help from some campers. Finally, the last act of the night was Timmy and Scotty doing a drum versus tap battle. It got pretty intense, but I can safely say that they both walked away as winners. Our camper talent show, Valleyfest, is coming up next week, and I’m sure campers were very inspired by our talented staff!

Well, that’s all for now, folks! We’ll be busy filing our bellies with sweets today, (both junk food and candy drop collections) but we’ll having plenty of opportunities to get moving with the final day of the tennis tournament today at interest groups and a dance tonight! The theme is Winter in August, so they’ll be a bunch of wintery-themed activities, plus, of course, plenty of moving and grooving! We can’t wait!

Au revoir,


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