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Departure Day!

Thursday, July 20th, 2023

Hi from the Scribe!!

Quick recap of yesterday (Packing Day) – t’was a Packed Day indeed! Following a morning of organizing and tidying, packing and chatting, our toils were rewarded by a hearty lunch spread in the sunny backyard.

After, cabins reconvened for special daytime cabin activities (see the list from yesterday!) featuring precious final bonding time and soaking in all the beauty and quirks of HVC life.

Post-afternoon, we gathered for the final evening meeting of session enriched by all our lovely songs (‘till next year Gurus and Weather Guy + Pal!). For the last time, dinner groups were called – except for a not-so-ordinary meal, the Lobster Banquet!!

While a sea of dedicated campers outfitted themselves with bibs and clawed into the red delights, the rest feasted on delicious chicken parm and spanakopita. Not long after, a storm started brewing…

…Of 200ish hands banging the dining hall tables (inharmoniously accompanied by enthusiastic yelling) to herald the magnificent arrival of cow-costumed Meg bearing bags of (multiple) Ben & Jerry’s pints!! What a delicious delight, with not a frown (or clean face) in sight 🙂

After our bellies were filled (and hearts full too!), we walked up the hill arm-in-arm for Pinegrove around the vermillion fire, where we watched each cabin deliver performances ranging from heartfelt to joyously silly featuring several parodies alongside HVC classics.

As the voices faded out, cabins began rising to collect their ivory candlesticks and join the solemn procession down the slope to initiate the venerable closing candle ceremony.

As campers greeted every other down the line, heartfelt farewells, warm wishes, gratitude and reminisces were exchanged and many faces shining among the lambent flames that flickered out – only to be relit by friends – in anticipation of hugs. What a beautiful way to mark the end!

Today, after a restful (if somewhat abbreviated) final night, campers were woken bright n’ early by the cheery voices of Taj and Forbidden campers awakening camp with loud singing.

Upon this calling, campers spilled out to the backyard to enjoy a light early breakfast (specially featuring hot chocolate!) before boarding – or sending off with love and classic chanting – the Newton and Port Chester-bound buses.

As parents have trickled in, the remaining campers – including Intersessioners, who are preparing for their epic whitewater rafting trip – have frolicked, lazed and laughed outside or in the Red Barn under a mesmerizingly blue sky.

This wonderful session has been one for the books: teeming with reunited, strengthened and newfound friendships alongside immeasurable growth and learning…not to mention large quantities of joy, wonder and life-appreciation.

And thank YOU all you loyal readers for following along on our journey! For those continuing on board, the Dining Hall Dragon and I will be taking a short break (I suspect nap time is calling for our fiery friend), but you’ll hear from us again before second session!

Alas, though first session may have come to a close, the memories and photos – and these records too (appreciative nod to the ‘net) – will last a lifetime 🙂

Warm regards,

H. V. Scribe

P.S. See more photos from yesterday below!






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