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Delightful Talent and Despicable Me Make For a Dandy Day!

Monday, July 10th, 2017

Nothing but talent at this camp!

Extra! Extra! Here’s a late night news report to cap off a fantastically jam-packed lazy day, brought to you by me, Luna Bug:

Any good day starts with a good breakfast, and today was no exception! We had delicious pumpkin bread and banana bread before we hopped on the buses to take almost the whole camp in to Belfast to see a movie! The movie was a surprise until the moments leading up to the start….it was….Despicable Me 3! Plenty of campers and counselors donned minion gear accidentally but it worked perfectly. The debate on the buses back was which film in the series was the best- 1, 2, 3 or the minion movie. Jury’s still out.

While all that was going on there were two totally different mornings happening both on camp and away from camp! Haley’s Comet took a sweet trip to Seahorse Stables which is about a 20 minute drive from camp. Photos will be up tomorrow about the Haley’s Comet trip so stay tuned!

Camelot stayed back for Run the Camp Day which was apparently awesome. They did all the taboo camper things normally reserved for Program Directors and counselors! For instance they had tea from the counselor tea and coffee area, used the radios all morning, had buggy rides, and even jumped in the pool…with their street clothes on?! The photos below are must see- especially the ones where the kids are lifeguarding for the adults!

By lunchtime the whole camp was back together, and afterwards everyone had rest period, cabin clean, and then pool activities. As always, pool activities proved to be a joyously lazy afternoon.

Dinner was pizza, salad, and watermelon. Mmm my mouth is watering just thinkign about the pizza- blue cheese and bacon, tortellini and pesto, and just plain ol’ pepperoni were some of our options! And you know what? Perhaps contrary to popular opinion I enjoyed the watermelon just as much as I would have cake! Something about sweet, cool watermelon after a hard day of doing nothing is quite satisfying.

After dinner camp gathered in the backyard for Valleyfest, which is the camper talent show! We had over 30 acts perform ranging from singing to dancing to magic, and everything in between! There were group acts and solo acts, acapella renditions and 3 piece bands, and there was real magic and fake magic, however you wish to interpret that.

Whew! What a day!

Oh, And don’t worry, guys- Olive Oyl and I haven’t forgotten about last night’s Wheel of Misfoftune. We simply were so overcome by the freaky demigorgons that we aren’t ready to talk about it until tomorrow!

So make sure you look at all the photos from today, and check back in tomorrow for photos from the Wheel.

Over and out on this late night special,


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